Investisseurs et Professionnels


How we proceed?

  • A first in-depth interview to define your expectations:
    Budget, location, area, standing ... based on a questionnaire
    Questionnaire location Questionnaire achat
  • Validation of our collaboration with the signing of a "search warrant"
    is valid for 1 to 3 months
  • Launch of exploration and visits to your place of goods likely
    to meet your requirements
  • Each of our tours is the subject of a detailed and
    uncompromising towards
    the well visited
  • On this basis, we support you to visit the selected properties,
    by grouping the appointments to optimize your time
  • Once your choice, we negotiate on your behalf the terms
    of your future well in your best interests
  • We support you all the signatures of agreement to sell
    or purchase, deeds or leases.
  • Our fees are only payable if the project succeeds,
    either at the signing of the definitive texts.

Our strengths

  • Expertise in the field of real estate
    and a professional look
    and disinterested in the property
  • An opinion on the potential
    for transformation
    (work, decoration, enhancement…)
  • A thorough knowledge
    of the region and market
  • A network of partners
    serious professional
  • A personalized and customized
  • A relationship of proximity,
    availability, flexibility
  • A project in
    a philosophy of collaboration
    mutual trust and discretion.

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